A whole bunch of ways to do your part in conserving water

A whole bunch of ways to do your part in conserving water

We all know that conserving water is pretty important these days, but how do we go about it? We are all being encouraged to do more to help save water and cut down our own usage, however it can be hard to know where to begin. Here, we look at some handy tips to help you to save water in your home. Many of them are quick, easy and inexpensive but will make a big difference overall if we all do our bit.

In Your Kitchen

  • Avoid rinsing leftover food down your sink after a meal. Instead put them in the garbage
  • Wash your dirty dishes in lukewarm rather than hot water
  • While you wait for dish water to heat up, use the cool water to fill up ice cube trays, fill your pet’s bowl or fill the water pitcher to keep in your fridge
  • If you have leftover ice cubes following a party, throw them onto your lawn
  • If your kitchen faucet is leaking, make sure to repair it immediately. Dripping faucets can waste a huge amount of water in the long term
  • Invest in an aerator for your shower head and faucet
  • Only use your dishwasher when the load is full to save energy and water or use an eco setting
  • If you’re holding a party, use paper cups and plates and then recycle them afterwards

In Your Laundry Room

  • Don’t run your washing machine until the load is full
  • Replace a washing machine that is more than 10 years old as a newer machine will waste less energy and water

In Your Bathroom

  • Instead of running your tap while brushing your teeth, use a refillable water bottle with a cup instead
  • Don’t leave your shower to warm up, just get straight in
  • Collect the cool water while warming your shower in a bucket and then use it to water your lawn
  • Keep your shower time down to 3 minutes and switch off the water while you shampoo
  • Time yourself in the bathroom to keep your shower brief
  • Switch off the water while you shave
  • Don’t flush your toilet simply to get rid of tissues, throw them in the trash instead


  • Avoid washing your car too frequently
  • Refuse water in a restaurant unless you’re planning on drinking it
  • Use aerator sandals to reduce how much water your lawn needs
  • Use water efficient sprinkler heads
  • Make sure your sprinklers only hit your lawn and not your porch or pavement
  • Avoid watering your lawn every day
  • Run your sprinklers for a few minutes less than you normally would
  • Don’t use a hose to clean your pavement, sweep it instead
  • Catch rain in a barrel and then use it for watering your lawn
  • Use a pool cover to prevent evaporation from the water